Santiago's Borgia Project - The Beginning

July 06, 2021

Santiago's Borgia Project


Santiago's Borgia Project June 15, 2021 - June 15, 2022

Santiago Gutierrez from the indigenous pottery pueblo San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua has initiated his Borgia Project.

The project will allow Santiago to create a museum quality collection of work utilizing the themes of the Aztec Borgia Codex has inspiration.

A group of Santiago's collectors and fans are assisting the project by sponsoring a month or group of months to give Santiago and his two apprentices the opportunity to create this monumental body of work.

The project will feature hand build clay sculptures by Santiago and will be decorated in the themes of the Borgia Codex with the added inspiration and interpretation of Santiago.

Please follow the Santiago's Borgia Project Facebook Page for documentation of this special project.  

The following pictures are the fist steps on this journey:

Santiago prepares the clay with a traditional foot massaging

Santiago prepares the clay with a foot massage combining the sand and eliminating impurities and air pockets.

A clay base is made to build up the raw clay forms

Hand building a base for which to initiate a sculpture

 Rolling out long clay coils to build up the walls of the forms

Rolling long coils of clay to build up the walls of the form

 As the vessel is built unique sculptural details are added

Adding unique sculptural details to the process

Santiago's Borgia Project has begun

Santiago's Borgia Project has begun!

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