Juan & Rodman Boza - Passing the Tradition to the Next Generation

April 17, 2017

Juan & Rodman Boza - Passing the Tradition to the Next Generation

Juan Boza Gutierrez is one of the finest artisans in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.  Juan learned by watching his Godfather Gregorio and his Uncle Helio.  Juan's mother Casta along with his aunts are considered the finest female potters of the village.  In preparing a group of work for the Bryant Park Holiday Village Juan went through the tradition of including his son in the process of producing the work. Throughout their youth the children of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua grow up watching, playing......basically living amongst the family pottery workshop.  At a certain point, usually, in their early teens, the youth of San Juan de Oriente start to participate in the artisan tradition which has existed in the village for many centuries.

This particular body of work by Juan Boza and his son Rodman is special because it is part of that timeless process.  The collection is a combination of techniques and design that Juan has developed over his career as a fine clay artisan.    A focus on this 100 piece series is on design and technique while remaining affordable. 

Enjoy this collection of stone polished ceramic sculptures by Juan, Rodman Boza and family - crafted in the tradition of San Juan de Orinete with the special, unique touches of a master artisan.

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