Description of my new online designs with the Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio

October 22, 2019

Description of my new online designs with the Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio

As I go forward with the Atlantis pottery designs I wanted to clarify what this transition means.

Luis Enrique Gutierrez now living and working in Wake Forest, NC continues to do art events around the country featuring his own designs and one of a kind artwork.  Our main focus for Luis are our high quality art events promoting his special pottery art.  

Luis's new website is the online home for his work and schedule of events including our last two events the Winterfair Market in Cincinnati and Columbus, OH .

Over the past 20 years facilitating visits from artists and events around the country I have had many influences on designs particularly in recapturing native designs of the area as well as promoting the bold new movement in color and design.


Initiating my own art studio in San Juan de Oriente I have transformed the Atlantis name to my studio in alignment with the concept of blending the cultural and contemporary designs together.

Atlantis pieces will only be available and promoted online.  For many years I have struggled with the promotion and sales of our pottery art online.  I am just now able to coordinate the artistic creation of our pieces and the logistics to deliver them safely and efficiently to our customers across the USA.

My new Atlantis Ceramic Art studio allows me to maintain my essential mission of working in my Nicaragua village creating economic opportunities throughout the community while making an impact for the artisan families of the pueblo.


The following are unique aspects of Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio that allow us to transition part of the business online.

1,  Collaborated with artisans in the village on one unique line, or brand, of pottery art (Atlantis!).

2.  Designing and executing our pottery designs in one work studio with the right conditions and materials to produce the finest quality work.

3.   Create pieces in small, limited handcrafted sets rather than having only one of each piece for promotion and efficiency.

4.   Use online tools and international logistics to promote, educate, sell and deliver our handcrafted product.


This is a new concept and one that has many moving parts.  I am learning how to balance the art show schedule with Luis and the online promotion of the Atlantis ceramic art designs.   The way I am moving forward is to ask our valued customers to communicate with us any questions or confusion regarding our transition or process.


The 15 samples in the Debut 15 series by Atlantis are made and featured on the website.  We are nearly finished with the complete handcrafted group which consists of 4 of each of the 15 Debut designs.  

I am very excited and completely confident that these pieces will dazzle you with their quality, design and craftsmanship.  Please consider these Atlantis sculptures for you collection or the holiday gift that literally knocks the socks of the special people in your life.  For more than 20 years of promoting and selling our unique pottery art I have consistently received feedback regarding how satisfied customers are with our work in their home.  Likewise customer who made the decision to share or gift one of sculptures to the friends, family or business associates in their lives have received incredible reactions and feedback.  These sculptures don't make an impact for the moment, their impact lasts for decades! 

Sorry for the long email.  It's important to me to share and express where we are coming from and the motivation behind the decisions we make.

Weather you meet Luis and I at one of our live events with his unique work....or view Atlantis pottery designs on our website we guarantee the finest quality work full of cultural and contemporary integrity.

In the next email I will introduce you to the first flat, framed ceramic sculptures we have created and what print on demand products like wall art, mugs and pillows look like with our unique designs.    A lot is changing:)


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