The 2017 NICA Competition Result

March 31, 2017

The 2017 NICA Competition Result

The 1st annual NICA Competition was a great success. Both the diplomatic and pueblo community come together in a celebration of 87 artisans participating in an exposition of their ceramic art. Ten prizes totaling over $8500 were awarded and here are the results:

Best in Show

Santiago Gutierrez

 Oro Award

Pastora Jimenez

 Pre-Columbian Award

Edwin Potosme

 Silver Award

Eliu Herrera

 Silver Award

Jeyson Flores

 Silver Award

Alberto Garcia Carballo

 Female Artisan Award

Mikeyla Guerrero

 Youth Artisan Award

Juan Jose Espinosa

 Honor Award

Venancio Gutierrez

 Honor Award

Bismarck Ortiz


This was an incredible event that displayed the absolute diversity and brilliance of the San Juan de Oriente community. It was a honor to organize the event. ~Paul H. Devoti~

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