Venancio Gutierrez Featured Artist for the Summer 2017 Pottery Series

May 29, 2017

Venancio Gutierrez Featured Artist for the Summer 2017 Pottery Series

Over the past 8 years I have worked closely with Venancio Gutierrez.

I have spend time with his family and I have watched his kids grow.  

Venancio's mother, Dona Theresa still makes coiled urns and is the best cook in the pueblo when it comes to the traditional Nicaragua recipes.

With the arrival of a new baby boy for Venancio and his wife I wanted to feature Venancio's work on the Summer Series I am promoting on

While it is an effort to help the family during this exciting time I cannot refer to it as a favor because it is both a great pleasure and value to offer his extraordinary ceramic work to the NICA Ceramic Art fan base.

Venancio has always exhibited extreme attention to detail and quality in his work.  It has been over the past 18 months where his talent has fully developed into a complete expression of who he is as an artist, taking more risks, developing new concepts and blending designs.

Earlier this year Venancio's hard work paid off as he was awarded one of the Honor Awards at the first annual NICA Competition.

Now with the new baby here and healthy it is time to get focused on the artwork that he wants to share with the world and is so vital for the economic stability for his family.

You can view the 16 pieces being feature on by Venancio as part of our Summer 2017 featured collection and sale.

Here are a couple of the stand out pieces available in the Venancio Gutierrez Collection

Click Images to link to the product page.

Enjoy the wonderful selections by Venancio and a glimpse into the life of a traditional pottery and his family in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua....   Saludos

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